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The “Neuromarketing” theme is unique, exciting and practical among the list of vocational training courses of Akademix Team due great experience and modern high-tech monitoring tools, plus official cooperation with a number of European companies.In 2011 Akademix Team was the first company to introduce the "Neuromarketing” theme in Armenia in the format of training session, delivered by  Lilit Tshughuryan, the founder and CEO of Akademix Team, Member of  "Neuromarketing Association, lecturer of neuromarketing.

The "Neuromarketing" subject has been introduced since 2016 as part of the cooperation with the School of Public Diplomacy in the format of a master class and since 2013 in Yerevan State University. More than 200 professional slides, theoretical and practical examples, illustrations, professional filmography on international neuromarketing research of famous international brands.

Akademx Team emphasizes the importance of monitoring consumer behavior, moreover, besides traditional marketing research, science-based neuromarketing studies are also being carried out. Neuromarketing is used throughout the world and is designed to identify the factors that affect purchasing decision, revealing the true feelings, habits and needs of the buyer.

Moreover, it allows to clearly estimate and evaluate the effectiveness of advertising.
In this innovative area, Akademx Team is collaborating with the Swedish Tobii Technology, which has accumulated extensive international experience and modern high-tech monitoring technology. Having the status of the official representative of the mentioned company, all the companies research is carried out by the technologies and equipment produced by them.

Neuromarketing is nothing more than a high-precision marketing tool that reveals the consumer’s reaction to product racks, logos, labels, packaging, billboards, and commercials.

Appropriate tools are used to carry out this research, which can be noted by high-tech equipment that records the consumer’s brain, eyes, and skin signals.


Eye trackers

Neuromarketing and moder tools

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